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A New Brew from a Hometown Hero

New Orleans-born coffee maker, Rachel Lyons is gaining notoriety with her very own coffee brand in Dallas, TX; Lyons Brew Coffee. After starting her business in 2020, Lyons Brew is already offering seven flavors available on the market!

In addition to seven flavors, Lyons Brew’s best selling flavor, Crazy Joe is also available in pod form, ready for your favorite instant coffee makers.


About the Founder
Rachel Lyons grew up in a household among coffee indulgers. Having been introduced to mild strength brews as a child, she quickly learned what her likes/dislikes were. Her unquenchable search for some of America’s best coffee, led her to an eight-year career as an adult, working for the Starbucks Corporation in various positions. 


While working for one of the biggest food chains in the world, Rachel was enrolled in nursing college, where she was soon at a crossroad. Dealing with the challenges of self-actualization in the medical field, she finally decided to follow her heart. At the age of 34, Rachel began a journey of selling the most authentic freshly brewed coffee, which came to be known as Lyons Brew!

You Can Never Have Too Many Choices for Coffee
The launch of this new coffee company adds to the healthy ecosystem of independent coffee shops and products with over 90 brands. The retailer serves competition grade roast sourced from France, Columbia, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The environment-friendly brand also promotes going green with recyclable Lyons Brew cups and encouraging its consumers to use leftover coffee grounds for compost.

The early success has already garnered partnerships with Zoe Communications Agency, Afro Soca Love Dallas, Judy Pie Bakery and Kendra Scott of Lakeside Mall. 


The growth and development of a brand new company proves to be an uphill climb for Lyons, who sits at the helm of the company, while maintaining her career in the medical field. But it’s passion for coffee that allows her to persevere through the challenges of entrepreneurship. 


We are Lyons Brew Coffee. A black owned coffee company from Dallas, TX. Every pour from any of our brews, has the ‘resilience of a lyon in every cup.’ I believe that a hot cup of coffee is equivalent to everything good, warm and heartfelt in our lives. My mom and grandmother made coffee for me when I was young, as I was absolutely crazy for it!

-Rachel Lyons
Founder & CEO


In conjunction with the formal release of Lyons Brew Coffee, the company has announced the birth of a brand-new Instagram Live series entitled The Lyons Den. The Lyons Den is where Rachel Lyons—sits down with business owners, and influencers over a cup of coffee to break down and discuss entrepreneurship, pop culture and more. The series already generated thousands of views and impressions toward social media. The future looks bright for Rachel and Lyons Brew Coffee. The entire line of roasts can be found online at Each flavor comes in ground or whole bean options with your choice of = either 8oz or 12oz servings.

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